Twas the Night Before Christmas

December 30, 2017

Christmas Beignets

Right after we took our Sunday best photos, we got to work on our traditional beignets. My parents started this tradition after they went to a cute little cafe in New Orleans called Cafe du Monde. We always had them for Christmas breakfast, but one way we’ve simplified is by making them on Christmas Eve morning when we have more time. I don’t want to be in the kitchen all morning Christmas!

This year was so fun making them with Blake and Evelyn. Blake loves loves loves cooking and he was right in the middle of it from rolling out to cutting the stars to dusting them with powdered sugar. I have to admit it was really nice having such a good helper make the job seem lighter.

We cooked up our thick-sliced peppered bacon (a treat we buy once a year!) and made some homemade French Hot Cocoa to enjoy with  our beignets, which were scarfed down quickly.

The rest of the afternoon we spent playing games and reading books, until we went to Grandpa Dave’s for our candlelight dinner.

Candelight Dinner!


We’re so glad we got to spend the evening with Michael, Sarah, and my Dad. We ate our fancy dinner and then watched a few Christmas classics from our childhood, including the Nativity movie. We read Luke 2.

The menu: Cream Cheese Chicken and rice, winter fruit salad, pomegranate 7-up, rolls, beans.


Sarah had our name for Christmas this year. Her gift was so thoughtful and fun. She gave us a giant cardboard castle that the children got to decorate with jewels and crowns. It has been a hit at our house! I loved her hand scripted scroll she wrote for us, too.

We wrote and burned the letter to Santa and then we headed home to get tucked in bed. The kids were so anxious to go to bed so Santa could come that we skipped the reindeer food.

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