Snowbird was Suite!

January 13, 2018

Brandon and I got to skip away for an overnight last night and it was heaven!

Compax decided to have their Christmas party last night– what a great idea to move it to January when nothing is going on!

We were planning on just dinner at the lodge, but surprise!! The HR director called yesterday morning and asked if we wanted a room!

She apparently forgot to tell us that minor detail earlier, but it all worked out. My dad was already planning on watching our children because the other sitter had backed out. We are so grateful he was willing to keep them a few more hours (aka… over night) so we could stay!

We ate a fancy dinner with his coworkers nestled in the snow covered pines, then got a night all to ourselves. I think since our room was booked late we were upgraded to a suite– it was huge, but cozy. 

All 5 of us in our family have played musical beds lately, so what a treat to wake up after an uninterrupted night sleep. And sleep in. Then we enjoyed Kneaders for breakfast before we got back to our children. 

We’re all so glad to be reunited again. But it’s great to feel rejuvenated and to have had time with Brandon all to myself.

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