The Toy Experiment

January 18, 2018

I’ve been doing an experiment for the last year. Before we left for Australia (almost a year ago) I got rid of tons of our toys. And then when we came home, I got rid of even more. I learned after being away that our kids didn’t need a lot of toys.

I’ve downsized our toys to some legos, wooden blocks, wooden train set, play kitchen and one basket of kitchen food & dishes, some puzzles, and now their trampoline. Evelyn has a few dolls and the boys have a few stuffed animals. I have a few toys boxed up that I’ll rotate every now and then just to switch it up, but so far, less toys has been working very well for us.

And guess what?

They haven’t complained one bit about lack of toys. In fact, it makes me so happy to see them using their creativity to create forts, art projects, and pick just a few of their favorites to play with.

And bonus for me– there is less for me to clean up!

I was worried that their friends might be bored when they come to play, but they always find something to do.

I’m converted.


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