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January 30, 2018

We’ve been in our house over 4 years now and I’ve been trying to cross off as many projects as I can before baby 4 comes. Laundry room: check!

This is the laundry room when we first moved in:

There was giant counter which I actually really liked, but no laundry sink (we let clothes soak in the bathroom sink which eventually ate off all the enamel. Oops!), little storage and no organization.

Then a year ago while I was in NYC with Oliver, Brandon installed took out the counter, installed a laundry sink, and added pedestals to the washer and dryer that he found on a huge sale. That’s how it’s been the last year.

Over Christmas break, I got a burst of motivation to just finish this thing. It needed some wall repair and a new coat of paint badly, so I used the rest from the kid’s bathroom– FREE!- and rearranged a few things.

Now we have a functional and happier place to do laundry. I found a great motivational “You’ve Got This” sign from At Home and added a few detail photos from our travels.

My Laundry Routine: 

I do laundry every few days, so that I don’t have to spend one entire day doing it. I used to block out Mondays to do all the laundry, but lately that just hasn’t worked out well. Doing it every few days makes it easier to have less clothes and the kids know they have their baskets of clothes to put away every couple days. And then if we need something washed for a special occasion, I’m not doing a separate batch.

My kids don’t have hampers in their room. Their dirty clothes go straight into the sorting baskets in the laundry room. They each have a zippered mesh bag for dirty socks and underwear that they put their stuff in. When I’m ready to wash, I throw in their bags. This has cut down time from sorting socks and underwear out, too. When it’s clean it goes straight into their sock/underwear baskets in their drawers.

Thanks to Emily Ley’s book, I have been using Tide Color Catchers which lets me put darks and whites in the same load. This has saved time and loads.

I’m sure this routine will change again, but for now, it’s working well.

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