Scootin’ to School and Sentimental Thoughts

January 30, 2018

I have a feeling this photo is going to be one of my all-time favorites. Brandon usually takes Blake to school and I walk Evelyn to preschool. We love that it’s just around the corner! Oliver loves his scooter and also loves being like his older siblings. He has adopted Blake’s old cars backpack and puts it on when we walk to Evelyn to school. It’s the cutest thing! And also sad when he starts crying because he wants to stay. I reassure him that we’ll do “mommy school” and he stops crying and we walk home.

Childhood is so precious and fleeting and exhausting and easy in ways. I know I’m going to miss these simple days, even though they don’t seem simple in the moment at times. I’m grateful for snapshots like these to remind me to savor the good in each day…because there is so much to smile about.

^Evelyn and one of her little friends. Evelyn so proudly tied her own scarf–which happened to be mine when I was a little girl.

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