Maui!! Part 2

March 3, 2018

Continued from Part 1

Day 6- Monday

  • On the way to Iao Valley State Park, we found this adorable Sunflower field and stopped for some frolicking.
  • Stopped at Maui Tropical Valley Plantation for our picnic PB&Js and a little walk.
  • Hiked to the Iao Valley Needle
  • Stopped at Leoda’s Pies for mini dessert pies
  • Met up with Polls at their Westin pool to swim the rest of the afternoon/evening
  • Made BLTs for dinner at our condo

^This is how Blake felt about the photos.

^32 weeks with Baby 4

Iao Valley State Park 

^a nice lady took a picture of all of us on her Instax. Blake and Evelyn were so excited to watch it develop. 

^Evelyn, “Mom, take a picture of my glasses!”

“Evelyn, smile!” She cracked me up with all her poses on this trip.

Leoda’s Pies 

Westin Pool with the Pools 

Day 7- Tuesday

  • Drove the Road to Hana! It made for a super long day, but worth it at least from our opinion. Blake said, “Let’s never do that again!” Hah! The drive is all about the journey and not the destination since Hana isn’t really that cool in and of itself. We left around 9am  and got back at 8 pm, so it was a long day but we saw some really beautiful things!
  • Some of our favorite stops: Kenea Arboretum hike- saw the Rainbow Eucalyptus trees (they look the trunks have been painted), Kenea Peninsula- beautiful coastal views and AMAZING banana bread from Aunty Sandy’s, Black Sand Beach, 7 Sacred Pools

Keanea Peninsula

^A Tsunami destroyed everything on this peninsula years ago, except for this church. Kind of cool!

Keanea Arboretum 

Halfway to Hana Stop – rewarded ourself with pork sandwiches and shave ice! 

Black Sand Beach 

7 Sacred Pools 

Wailea Falls

Day 8- Wednesday

  • Pancakes at hotel
  • Whale Watch Tour- pretty cool. It wasn’t until the end that we saw some up close.
  • Grabbed savory pies from Leoda’s for lunch- so yummy!
  • Swam at our pool for the afternoon- Blake mastered the snorkel gear!
  • Went to a free Hula Show at Whaler’s Village and walked along the beach (saw a whale right off the coast). Evelyn loved going on stage for one of the songs and got to try her hula moves


Day 9- Thursday

  • Made eggs and hash browns at our hotel
  • Hit up Baby Beach in Lahaina and were there for 5 hours! The kids loves the lack of waves and clear water. We got to relax since we weren’t worried about them.
  • Ate at Frida’s Mexican while the sunset.

^Sweet, peaceful tuckered out little boy. I took a nap with him while Brandon took the other children to play golf and mini-bowling at the hotel.

Day 10- Friday

  • Brandon found his taco truck!
  • Black Rock Beach- not a great experience. The waves were huge and it was crowded.
  • Costco for dinner before flying home that night- more Acai bowls!
  • Took an 11 pm flight home. We thought the kids would sleep well, but Oliver refused to stay in his carseat so it was a long, uncomfortable night for me since he refused to sit on Brandon’s lap. We were all excited to be home the next day after a long night.
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