Technology Free Bedroom

March 29, 2018

It’s been a few weeks now since Brandon and I decided to make our bedroom technology free. It’s funny because when we always said we wouldn’t have a TV in our room, but it’s easy how slowly over time we’ve let computers and our smart phones creep in. Brandon used our room for his offices sometimes when he needed a room with a door to shut out children.

But our biggest problem was our phones. We both didn’t realize how much time we were spending on our phones instead of talking or cuddling with each other until we made this change. We now leave our phones charged downstairs and I bought a cheap alarm clock (although usually our kids are our alarm clock). We talk more, cuddle more, and overall just feel more connected. I’m grateful for this small change that has had huge dividends. We’ll still pull out a laptop to watch a movie if we want, but that’s the exception.

We love our technology, but I’m excited about this new change that has helped our relationship.


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