Easter 2018

April 4, 2018

Easter was super chill this year and kind of refreshing in a way. I’ve been exhausted and worn out lately, so we kept our celebrations simple.¬† No matching outfits, no family photos, no big dinners. We stayed in comfy clothes for General Conference¬†, Brandon made our amazing Easter potatoes (but the ham and rolls were awful–which was my contribution). Haha! We took a walk and snacked on Easter candy and Resurrection Rolls.

Last Supper Thursday

We did celebrate each day during Holy Week and had our Last Supper on the floor on Thursday. Evelyn kept putting her feet on the trays #reallife and after everyone except me ended in a wrestling match, but it was a good way to talk about that day in Christ’s life and learn about what He did at Gethsemane.

Easter Egg Hunt

Our ward had an Easter Egg hunt on Friday afternoon. Everyone had fun with their cute little friends.

^Sloane, Evelyn, India, and Ella are all born within a few months of each other.

Easter Saturday

We found Easter baskets on Saturday morning right before General Conference started.

Easter Picnic

In between sessions on Saturday, our family BIKED (Brandon’s idea and I’m sure I was a sight to be seen at 8.5 months pregnant) to Pond’s Park and met Mike and my dad for our Easter picnic. Michael is such a fun uncle and I’m glad he could come for a few days to visit.

The rest of the weekend was spent watching General Conference which was so exciting with so many changes. The Elders Quorum and High Priests group are no combined into one Elders Quorum, Home and Visiting Teaching are retired and will now be focused on ministering, and 7 new temples were announced including one in Layton, Utah! and Russia! Brandon was stoked about that.

President Russell M. Nelson was also sustained as our new Prophet and I full-heartily sustain him and LOVE him. I feel so excited about this new chapter in church history. At 93, he is vibrant, energetic, intelligent, but has a humble way about him. I know God has chosen him to be our living prophet and direct this church right now.

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