Eli’s First Few Days

April 27, 2018

After we got some rest and were moved to the postpartum unit, Brandon left to pick up the other children (our amazing neighbor took all 3 to church!) and bring them back to visit and find out if they had a brother or sister. I loved watching their reactions from the hospital bed and they were so excited to meet him. Blake was adorable and immediately asked to hold him. Evelyn only wanted to hold him for one second. And Oliver wanted to get in his face and kiss him like crazy.

After they met him, my dad and Michael came in. Mike happened to be in town and was flying out the later that afternoon. It was perfect timing having him here!

Sarah and Michael came to visit later that night. They were lifesavers and brought me some amazing soup and snacks–since hospital food is not my jam.

The second day

I got a pretty good night’s rest on Sunday night, since I sent Eli to the nursery. When he was getting some tests Monday morning, I even showered and felt like a million bucks! I loved having a quiet morning just staring at him and snuggling with him.

I loved having a visit from Shalyce (she even brought lunch) and got to catch up with my cousin on the phone. It totally felt like a vacation. Haha.

Brandon came back that afternoon with our children to spend the last few hours together.

Eli had to get one final heart test before we could leave, so we saved it for when the kids were here so they could push him down to the nursery and watch like they did with Oliver. We had a little scare when his heart wasn’t beating fast enough and almost didn’t get to come home that night. But he was just being a little lazy and finally started breathing enough to get enough oxygen to his heart. So he passed and we could go home.

Both Blake and Evelyn insisted on more pictures with Eli.

Going Home

All set to go home! Except per tradition, we always stop and get dinner at a restaurant before we go home. It’s like the last part of the “vacation” before real life sets in. We went to Boston’s and boy were we a circus, minus Eli who slept through the entire dinner. It’s official. We’re now the Sundays: Party of 6!


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