Oliver Boy at 2 1/2 years

April 28, 2018

Brandon and I have always joked that Oliver would be our favorite, since we were both the 3rd child in our families. But truth be told, if you ask Brandon who his favorite is, he will tell you Oliver is. The funny thing about Oliver is that he makes us want to pull our hair out one minute but there is just something about him that still loves him fiercely regardless of the disaster he has just created.

Maybe it’s his round, soft cheeks. Or his huge root-beer brown eyes and long eyelashes. Or the hilarious things he says.

He says adorable and funny things like, “Mom, beautiful, pretty.” as he strokes through my wet hair from the shower. Or “cuggle me.” Since he still wants Brandon or I to snuggle with him before bed time or nap time. (Which has proved to be more tricky with Eli here.) He loves books and has many memorized. His vocabulary for a 2.5 year old blows us away. We laugh when he says, “So, um…” like he’s about to start a conversation.

He adores baby Eli so much and always wants to be holding or hugging or kissing or laying next to him. But then just this morning he bit him on the forehead. See…that’s our Oliver. He would live outside if we let him. He’s curious and adventurous.

We love Oliver so much. He keeps life entertaining and his snuggles are the best.

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