Evelyn at 4 1/2 years

April 29, 2018

Evelyn is all girl, but can hold her own against all 3 of her brothers. She wanted a sister, but she has seemed to enjoy her role as only girl in the family so far. Thank goodness she has lots of little girls around to run around with and dress up as princesses with.

She loves all things sparkly and pink. And she finds most things beautiful and pretty. I can be in sweat pants and a shirt and she’ll say, “Mom, you just look so beautiful!” or “your shirt is soooo pretty. ” I’ve noticed she usually pays a compliment to everyone she talks to. The other day at Old Navy she asked all the people in line if they wanted one of her stickers. She’s thoughtful and loving like that. She is constantly picking me flowers she finds on our walks.

Even though she loves girly things, she also loves holding worms, digging in mud and dirt, riding her scooter and wrestling with Blake and Oliver. She loves coloring and creating notes and “letters”.

I love my little Miss Evelyn so much. I’m not always patient with the way she takes forever to get dressed or do her jobs, but as I look at my darling girl, I realize that I just want her to stay 4 forever. She’s such a light and life in our family.

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