Sunday, Party of 6!!

May 1, 2018

I just can’t believe this is my life. I have F O U R children? How did that happen? Well, I know. 😉 Getting family photos is always a stressful ordeal, but this time I decided to have someone else do the shooting and editing and it was worth every penny. I’ve been staring at these photos ever since we got them. I could say that these photos aren’t perfect: I’ve still got lots of baby weight to lose, Blake has a random hair sticking up in the back that would not stay down, and we forgot Oliver’s shoes so we had all the kids go bare foot. But to me, they are perfect. I’ve felt heaven so close lately and as a result, my heart has been softened be OK with imperfections and love our current messy, happy life. These people are my life. And I’m grateful I get to spend my days nurturing and loving them and them loving me in return.

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