Let’s Taco Bout Cinco de Mayo

May 5, 2018

Cinco de Mayo was so great. In many ways it was just an ordinary day. But the ordinary moments filled my soul and helped me feel a bit more myself after a week dealing with some baby blues. Brandon cleaned the house and I mowed the lawn– a great trade in my opinion. Pushing the lawn mower in the sunshine and smelling the freshly cut grass made me happy. The children played happily with the neighbors on the swing set and Eli took a long morning nap.

After afternoon naps for a few of us, I got up and heated up already made lentils and beef for a last minute taco bar. I pulled out some props and hung up a banner. The party was super simple, but even just adding a few extra touches like decor and music made me happy. And taking photos is always fun, too!

And, I looked up a quick recipe for homemade churros and they turned out so good! I always love making new recipes, especially when they are yummy. Taco bout an awesome day with my favorite people.

^those blue eyes!!

And just as the sun was setting, Brandon took the children on a quick scooter ride. Oliver finally likes it now, so we had to document it!

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