Eli [1 month]

May 15, 2018

Eli’s one month birthday was day of celebration for many reasons! First, Brandon got home from his week in Argentina! And second, it was Eli’s one month birthday. What a month it has been.

I made a goal for myself to enjoy this newborn stage more–to let things go, to be okay with a messy house and kids that stay in PJs. I’ve savored his smell, his coos, his sweet cry and his gorgeous blue eyes. I’ve tried hard to stare at him when I’m nursing rather than staring at my phone and how sweet it’s been!

Newborn heaven is a real thing. It’s exhausting and draining, but it’s also very peaceful and delightful. I’ve loved it so much this time. And I love my little Eli.

Things to remember:

  • He loves being held and will sleep great if he’s held
  • He rolled over once from tummy to back and actually likes tummy time.
  • He has a hard time getting siettled and falling asleep and the witching hour is a real thing come 9:30 pm
  • His eyes are most definitely blue.
  • He is wearing newborn-3 month old clothes and loves being swaddled, unless he’s awake.
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