The Best Errand of the Year!

May 29, 2018

Can I just say how much I love going to the garden store each spring? Brandon and I had considered going on a date, but since we couldn’t find a sitter (my least favorite part of parenting, btw) we decided to go on a family date. To Joe’s Greenhouse it was!

The smells of the dirt, fresh flowers, and garden plants, along with the sounds of wagons and carts make me smile. And yes, my big camera did tag along because a garden shop experience is amazing in and of itself, but the nursery makes for such a fun backdrop for photos of my little ones exploring and getting giddy over which plants to buy.

This year’s lineup: watermelon (each child picked out their own variety), pumpkins, corn, pull beans, tomatoes, green onions, and cucumber. And can’t forget some flowers, too! I’m hoping to keep them alive all summer this year. Wish me luck!

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