Sunday Snippets- Fathers Day Edition

June 17, 2018


I’m typing this as I nurse Eli in my left hand– multi-tasking at its best. I’ve got to take advantage of the few minutes I have before the Sundays all get here for a big dinner,


As Brandon was getting for church this morning, He said, “I cant believe I have four children!”Sometimes neither can I. I’d be bold enough to say though that for both of us, being parents has brought us so much true joy that we wouldnt get any other way..  Our children make us laugh every single day.


I’ve been incredibly grateful for the type of Brandon is and has been lately. He isn’t perfect, but his desire to be the perfect dad for them makes me happy. He strives to be a righteous Priesthood holder and a good provider for our temporal and spiritual needs. I love how he gets up to serve our children breakfast while I get a little extra sleep in the morning or how he loves taking them to the store  to run errands. He’s not afraid to cook or do the laundry (still working on the bathroom part– haha!)


He finally got to pull out his saw he got for Black Friday last year and made a pretty good sandbox over the weekend. As he was clearing out the grass, Blake said, “Dad, I just love working with you so much!” Brandon has a great way of making work fun– let’s hope our kids are saying that when they’re teenagers.


Brandon wishes he could be a full-time dad. I’d love that, too, except if I had to go to work everyday. Maybe someday our dream of working alongside each other at home while raising our children will come to fruition– but until then, we’ll enjoy the wrestles before bedtime, the spontaneous soccer matches in the backyard, the scooter rides around the neighborhood, the hilarious conversations we have around the dinner table, his humorous bedtime story voices, and his desire to keep us all happy. We love our Dad!!

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