We Have a Pool!

June 29, 2018

When we were living in Australia, we visited Brisbane, which had the coolest place called South Bank. Brandon and I have dreamed of having our own South Bank in our yard. Well, until we make millions, an actual South Bank won’t happen. But we’re getting close. First…a legit sand box with fine white beach sand. And now… a pool! We considered digging one in, but yeah, the budget didn’t really allow for that either. I was at Ross one day and found this 12 foot pool for a steal. I brought it home and decided to give a pool a test run.

It’s 2.5 feet deep-deep enough to swim around, but shallow enough for Oliver to touch. It’s been a fun project. And by project because it’s been a little more work than we thought, but so worth it! We didn’t realize that we needed a GFCI outlet to keep the filter running, so Brandon had to rewire an existing outdoor outlet to make it safe.

I’ve been on a mission to get the water levels all figured out. We haven’t had crystal clear water since the first day, but we’re getting closer. We have been in the pool for hours each day and we’ve loved having lots of friends over to play in it. And I love that I haven’t had to drag all four out to the pool alone. I can put Eli and Oliver down for a nap and let Blake and Evelyn swim in the afternoon. It’s been so fun.

Can’t wait for more pool adventures to come!

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  • Katherine Clarke

    We just got an above ground pool this summer too! Game changer with littles & a new baby. So some tips we’ve discovered: you can buy chlorine granules at a local pool store & daniel has used about 1/3 of a bag every day we would swim & play in it. He just sprinkles it all around after we’re done. We had the floating filter with the chlorine tablets & it just didn’t cut it. Also, we read the main filter should be replaced every 2 weeks. We bought a pack of 6 on amazon. The water has been clear since! It definitely proved to be more work than we thought, but it’s worth it.
    After reading that your Eli has been sleeping in the rock & play, we ordered one because Jens has not been sleeping very well yet! ?

    June 30, 2018 at 7:20 pm Reply
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