My 32 Adventures!

July 3, 2018

Back when I turned 30, I made it a goal to do 30 adventures…you know, to keep myself young and adventurous. I’ve kept on the tradition for the past few years, doing as many adventures for as many years old as I am. My only criteria for what counts for adventures is just anything to gets me out of my comfort zone, something new, something on my bucket list, etc. This goal of mine has definitely pushed me to do things I would normally shy away from, like be on Studio 5 for example. I read somewhere that the older we get, the more fearful we become. We are afraid of failing or getting out of our routines. I definitely fall into that trap a lot of the time, so I’m grateful for this extra push to never stop learning, progressing, and doing new things.

This past year has been an exciting one with so many surprises! I’m so grateful for the many experiences and adventures I’ve had this past year. Variety is the spice of life and I like to think that trying new things will keep me young at heart.

My 32 adventures:

  1. Taught my first sharing time to the primary aged children at church
  2. Tried out High Fitness and went to too many 6 am classes to count
  3. Learned to use the grill by myself
  4. Drove a scooter
  5. Did a 7 mile trail run to Elephant Rock
  6. Learned to make fancy caramel apples
  7. Made a lasagne for the first time
  8. Held a candy drive for the troops and collected 33 pounds
  9. Learned the ukelele
  10. Painted kids bathroom
  11. Installed board and batten by myself
  12. Had my 4th baby- Eli David
  13. Painted the dining room
  14. Attended a charette
  15. Ice Skated in New York City with Evelyn
  16. Saw the Rockefeller Christmas Tree
  17. Hosted a gingerbread making party
  18. Reached 160k pageviews in one month on So Festive
  19. Saw the Rockettes Christmas show
  20. Was on Studio 5
  21. Drove the Road to Hana in Maui
  22. Attended a book binding class
  23. Photographed a birth
  24. Wrote Easter ebook
  25. Digitized scrapbooks at the Family History library
  26. Painted laundry room
  27. Went on a Winter getaway to Snowbird with Brandon
  28. Bought a giant Costco chocolate cake
  29. Learned to love hummus
  30. Did baptisms for the dead pregnant for family names
  31. Hired to do a photoshoot for Sony and Hotel Transylvania 3
  32. Learned how to manage swimming pool water

Excited to see what 33 has in store!

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