My 33rd Birthday

July 3, 2018

Happy Birthday to me! I’m so happy my birthday fell on a Sunday this year. Not only did we get to bless Eli at church, but that also meant that our house was super clean and tidy for everyone to come over afterwards.

I woke up to balloons scattered around the house and the sweetest note from Brandon, plus a few presents to open. One being from Andrea, who must have known that I was dying to try my hand at hand-lettering and gave me all the supplies to learn.

Before church, I got to go around and pop all the balloons after finding them. Each one contained a quality about me plus a gift to redeem that went along with that quality. Brandon knows that my love language is time and thoughtfulness and this was no exception. I’m excited to cash in on my gifts throughout this next year. Feeling so spoiled and loved!

  1. Great one on one with people- one date with me of your choosing
  2. Spiritually sensitive- one last minute family home evening sub
  3. Traveler/explorer- a trip in the fall to a TBD destination
  4. Good for your choice!
  5. Romantic- one dance in the dark
  6. Beach bum- one day to hang out in flip-flops (tanning your feet) and be in/at the pool
  7. Runner- support from me in order to train and run a race
  8. Fun- one board game night with friends
  9. Great mom- I read or you read books to the kids for 1 hour
  10. Beautiful- 7 days of getting up with Eli and letting you sleep in for beauty sleep
  11. Housewife- one real deep clean. You leave the house for a full day so I can clean (laundry include)
  12. Entrepreneur- one full night of undivide attention of helping you on your blog
  13. Bargain shopper- $15 to spend on clothes at a bargain store
  14. Love of the Temple- one night off to go to the temple
  15. Project creator- ask me to do any house project of your choosing
  16. Friendship- one night/day off with a friend
  17. Photographer- one complain free photoshoot
  18. Ability to relax- one personal spa night to relax
  19. Great at cuddling- one cuddle
  20. Starts in the kitchen- one Harmon’s cooking class together
  21. Cookie lover- one guilt-free box of Crumbl cookies
  22. Tense/tight muscles- one 30-minute massage
  23. Adventurer- one hike or outdoor activity
  24. good cook- one week off of cooking

All I wanted for my birthday was a family hike and Banbury donuts, which we checked off on Saturday. We hiked to Rocky Mouth Falls in Sandy and it was gorgeous. Brandon packed a picnic lunch for us and the kids liked splashing around the crystal clear water and watching the repellers. I sure love being outdoors with my family.  And bonus! Brandon took me to a yard sale on the way home.


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