Family Photos in Lithia Park, Oregon

July 22, 2018

So, can I tell you a funny story? When Brandon and I were engaged back in 2008 (10 years ago!), I went with his family for the first time to Ashland, Oregon where his grandparents live. He was so excited to take me to one of his favorite spots. He had told me all about how his grandma is an amazing cook, and how they’d crank homemade ice cream and watch his grandpa Ellis work in his meticulously organized workshop out back. And he thought it’d be a really great idea to get our engagement photos in Lithia Park, a beautiful park downtown.

Well…the photos turned out awful. At least in my eyes. The setting was beautiful, but our smiles weren’t. I think we may have even gotten into an argument before so we were definitely not in a lovey-dovey frame of mind. We always joke that Brandon didn’t know how to smile back then. After we got back to look at the photos, I didn’t like any of them. This of course made us frustrated and our idea of getting the perfect engagement photos didn’t happen. We redid them a few weeks later in Provo Utah at the old Tabernacle that has since been converted into an LDS temple.

10 years later,¬† I’m happy to report that we have both matured (at least a little I hope!) and our smiles are much better than they were before. While we were in Ashland in July, we got some new family photos of the big group and broke off and did a few of our own. And, good news, Brandon–we don’t even have to redo these ones ūüėČ

Ellis and Millie Wilson and their great grandchildren 

Nicole, Brandon, Lynette, Stan, Jessica, and Rachel Рthe original Sunday fam 

The Taylors! 

Jeff, Angie, Megan, Hannah Wilson

The Salmons 

The Sohms 

Lynette and Stan Sunday and all their grandchildren.


Brandon and his grandpa Ellis 

Brandon and Millie and Ellis 

Brandon’s aunt Kathleen and Eli- sure love this lady and our chats we got to have¬†

And the cutest kiddos in the world. I couldn’t pick my favorite out of these.


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