Trees of Mystery

July 24, 2018

There was no reason to stay any longer than needed at Front Street Inn. It gave us a pillow to rest our heads and that’s about it. We quickly packed up and then went to Safeway to pick up breakfast croissants and fruit before making our way to Trees of Mystery.

You really can’t miss it since there is a GIANT Paul Bunyan right by the parking lot. And he even talks to you. It was pretty funny.

I love that Evelyn asked to take a picture by these pretty flowers by the restroom before we went inside.

And I guess I’ve trained my children well or ruined them since they kept asking to pose in front of statues.

We took the nature paths through the forest of interesting trees, like this Elephant Tree.

And the Cathedral Tree, where people actually get married!

I liked this poem as a reminder to remember God.

This is the Brotherhood Tree

And the Candlebra tree.

We also took a Sky Tram ride to the top of peak that would have had a great view of the coast had it not been foggy. But it was a fun ride nonetheless. For being a touristy place, it was actually very interesting and the trees were cool to see how varied they could be.

We stopped in the gift shop and bought a Paul Bunyan book, the same one he read as a child. I remember picking out a wooden jewelry box  from that same gift shop as a child. I gifted that same box to them months ago when I was cleaning out my childhood memorabilia. So fun to be back there with them!

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