Visiting the Wilsons in Oregon

July 25, 2018

We visited Ashland, Oregon way back in July.

First stop: Winnemucca for a stay at the Town House Hotel. Swimming, stretching our legs, and sleeping well prepared us for another long day of driving the next day.

When we pulled into Ashland the first night, we went straight to a park where Tom and Kathleen had an amazing dinner waiting for us. We stayed until well after the sun went down. One thing I love about the Wilson family (Brandon’s mom’s family) is that it seems like no matter how much time has gone between visits, it seems like we just pick right up where we left. The Wilsons are so easy to talk to. The Wilson girls were so cute with all of the Sunday cousins.

Most of our time was spent hanging out at Millie and Ellis’ house on Windsor Lane. We talked for hours on the well-worn, comfy couches next to the bookshelves filled with hundreds of National Geographic magazines.

We spent hours outside in their gated front yard (to keep the deer out) drawing with chalk, playing games, and chatting the night away. And let’s not forget the delicious dinner eaten on the wrap-around porch. I love how fresh and healthy the Wilsons eat. Most of the food was home-grown and after 3 plates of fresh garden veggies, I had to stop, but didn’t want to.

We spent one night at the Jeff and Angie’s house swimming and barbecuing.

Our final moments before driving down to the Redwoods was stopping at Lithia Park to play in the river. Brandon loved playing in this river as a child, so it was so fun to see Brandon all lined up with Blake, Evelyn, and Oliver.

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