The No-TV Ice Cream Truck

August 12, 2018

Blake and Evelyn made a goal to not watch any TV for the summer. This was all their doing. I think the idea came to Blake because their school had screen-free week, but it was just after I had Eli and there was no way we were going to even attempt that! But when summer started, Blake one night at dinner said, what if we do no TV for the whole summer? We were on board with that and agreed that if they did no TV we could do a free ice cream truck around the neighborhood. Again, their idea.

I’m so proud to report that they accomplished their goal! And we all survived! I was afraid their goal would be a punishment to me, but it all worked out. Blake and Evelyn would do quiet independent time while Eli, Oliver, and I napped in the afternoon.

We made a list of all the activities they could do instead of TV and I loved watching them run to the list whenever they needed an idea. The first few weeks were tough, but after that our no TV became routine and it wasn’t too hard.

Grandpa Stan let us use his truck and we piled in the back with our homemade signs, balloons, and ice cream bars! We drove around the nieghborhood with the ice cream truck music playing on our speakers.

It brought Brandon and I so much joy to see Blake and Evelyn love giving out free ice cream bars to our friends and neighbors!

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