King Camp 2018

August 16, 2018

Another King Camp for the books! Justin and Katie’s family was in charge of the reunion this year and they chose to go to our family’s favorite spot–Marsh Lake! My parents started camping there when I was just a toddler. And now over 30 years later, we are still going back!

I was super worried about Eli and how he’d sleep…turns out I didn’t need to worry about him one bit. He slept straight through the night, not making a peep. Oliver, on the other hand was the rough one that ended up sleeping with Brandon and I.

There were plenty of canoe rides, walks, getting really dirty, amazing meals

Some of our favorite moments were staying up with the adults to play games including deep but not profound and the fruit game.

I love my family so much and am so grateful all of us made it work to be together for a few days.


This is how Eli slept…snug as a bug. So grateful for those swaddles. Brandon had a great idea to put his backpacking tent inside our tent for Blake, Evelyn and Oliver. We all slept much warmer this year, but still had a few restless nights.

Canoe Rides

I know its a lot of work to get the canoes up there, but my Dad does it happily every time we go. He loves taking the grandkids on the lake to fish… I prefer just canoe rides.


Sarah and Seth brought their hammocks and they were heavenly!

Wildlife at the Stream

The first evening after camp was set up we ventured to the stream where I’d spend my teenager camping days fishing all the live long day. We saw a mother and baby moose in the meadow, and we found a cool teepee. No one wanted to sleep in it. Wonder why.

Beauty Parlor

Emily was so nice to do all the girls hair and nails. Evelyn especially loved her painted nails.


We always have a treasure hunt and this year, Emme wrote it all by herself. It was adorable. Katie made this super cute treasure box with gold accents. So fun!

And a King Camp flag, complete with jewels for each member of The Kingdom.

We had our quarterly birthday celebration up there…leave it to Em to bring Twisted Sugar cookies and cute toppers.

The Center Line

Behold…th eblue tarp=center line. This is where we eat, hang out and play games.


I found out that my dad’s #1 favorite thing to do is take his grandkids fishing. He is a patient man.

Sarah and I went on a run/hike around the lake in preparation for our Kings Conquer Kings at the end of the month. Love her!

Baby’s First Camping Trip

Em and I had to little a photo shoot of the Eli and Sully on their first camping trip.

Speaking of babies, this was “baby jail”…where all the little babies that couldn’t walk hung out. Such a brilliant idea, Hollie and Seth!


Everyone ventured on a hike around the lake the last day. When there are nearly 30 people, that’s quite a feat.

Kristin was a champ. Blaine had finals to study for, but she brought all 4 of her children. We’re so happy they came.

Brandon, the tree climber

At the end of the lake there was a giant rope swing, but it was caught on the tree way up high. Good thing I married a tree climber…Brandon climbed up to get it untangled. Yes, I was a nervous wreck hoping he wouldn’t fall and die, but he saved the day, I mean the rope and then Michael, Seth and Kyle took turns.

Kristin is so awesome. She jumped in the lake IN HER CLOTHES. I love how spontaneous she is!

The Cutest Little Fishermen



and Sully. 

And one final photo. The last time Emily, Hollie and I were together we were pregnant. Now us and all 3 boys born within a few months of each other. 

Such a fun time with the family, living outside for a few days. Marsh Lake has our heart.

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