Kings Conquer Kings and the Miracle of the Shepherd’s Rescue

August 28, 2018

Over the weekend I was able to hike King’s Peak with my dad, sister, brother and a few of my King cousins. King’s Peak is the highest peak in Utah and since I grew up a King, I’ve always wanted to hike it with my dad. Sarah planned the trip and since they were going to leave on my 10th anniversary and yeah, I just had a baby…but Brandon really encouraged me to go since he knew it was always my dream and I might not get another chance with my dad. Talk about true love.

He was right. The hike was much more taxing on us than we thought, especially my dad. He ended up getting injured on summit day (43,000 steps will do that to you) but we experienced a miracle that I’ll never forget.

Here’s a video explaining it all….

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to go and that everything was safe and sound at home when I returned. I’ll cherish that quality time with my King family forever. I’ll post more photos as soon as I get the rest from my cousin!

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  • Jana Weaver

    You’re amazing at capturing a story in a short video. What a beautiful miracle and I’m so glad you were able to go.

    August 29, 2018 at 12:54 pm Reply
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