Joining the Mini Van Club

August 31, 2018

A car is just a car. So I’m not sure why I got so sentimental when we sold our Pilot. Maybe its because of all the memories wrapped up into that piece of metal.

Brandon and I searched high and low for that gray Pilot after we had such a disastrous time with our Rav4 lemon. We had a strict budget and criteria, and we finally found this at Lithia in Pocatello, Idaho. I spent lots of time in Pocatello on the way to my grandparent’s house, so it felt happily familiar. We bought it and drove it back the same day, just a few months before baby BLAKE was born.

All of our babies have taken their first ride home in that car.





That Pilot has taken us all over the West- from California to Oregon, to Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado. It’s been a part of our everyday life for school drop-off and grocery shopping and trips to the library.

But after our trip to Oregon and the Redwoods in the summer, we decided on the way home it was time to get a mini van. Since we had so many hours in the car, we researched high and low and came across one the next day.

And we didn’t take long to break it in. Just a week after we got it, we took it on it’s maiden voyage to Marsh Lake in the Uintahs. Nothing like fresh mountain air, gravel and dirt to break the Kia Sedona into our life.

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