Evelyn is 5!

October 8, 2018

Dear Evelyn,

Thank you for still loving me despite my mom-fail day on your fifth birthday. You chose to go to preschool and after you were done, wanted to have Ella come over to make your cake with you. We made a giant mess together and then you played until Eli was ready for a nap. I went to lay him down and ended up falling asleep until 5:30 pm. Yikes! Your cake wasn’t finished and I hadn’t even started dinner. I was already feeling depressed, but that made it even worse! Luckily dad got home and saved the day. He tried to fix my brown-purple looking frosting and helped you finish your cake, that was lopsided and caving in at this point. You wanted to put every sprinkle under the sun on it and that you did.

He had the best idea to bag making dinner and go to Wendy’s. I nearly broke into tears as I sat there watching you, my big baby girl. I’m grateful for your spunk and energy you bring to our family. I envy your self-mastery when it comes to treats. On the way home, you asked if you could have your cake tomorrow because you were feeling full. Ha. So we didn’t even have your cake until the next day.

We got you a princess bike that it still a bit too tall for you, but you thought it was so “pretty.” And your gold polka-dotted backpack was a hit since you pretty much love anything with gold and sparkles right now. Thanks for having the biggest heart. You are such a good helper. I love you, little Miss E.

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