Park City Fall Getaway

October 28, 2018

[October 4-7]

After going on our 10 year over night trip a few weeks earlier, we decided instead of going another weekend away, we wanted to go somewhere with our children. Call us crazy, but we really like hanging out with them.  We kept our Park City weekend a surprise. I packed up all the stuff and we took off soon after Blake got home from school on Thursday.

McPolin Barn

Our first stop was Arby’s to grab some dinner with coupons we had. Then off to McPolin Barn! Visiting the barn in the Fall has become a tradition for us ever since Blake was born. (Too bad Em and her kids weren’t out here this year to join us!) We played around the barn. (And may or may not have taken our Christmas card photos at the same time) We started on the scarecrow walk, but only after seeing one did it start pouring rain. So we hurried back to the car and cuddled up in the hotel for the night.

The fun part was that everything we did was a surprise, so even though we were in Park City, our children didn’t know we were going to spend the night…or 3 for that matter. That first night was so fun. We made popcorn and played a bunch of games together.

Lucky boy Blake got to play hookie on Friday. I got to go on a glorious run all around historic Park City. It fueled my soul. After I got back, we got ready and everyone wanted to go back to the scarecrow walk since we didn’t get to see them the night before. Evelyn and Oliver were insistent on posing with nearly every scarecrow that was their favorite. It made me smile.


Wasatch State Park

We hit up Maxwell’s for lunch and then drove to Heber for a train ride. Since we had some extra time to kill, we drove through Wasatch State Park which was SO gorgeous with all the different colors lining the road. I made us stop for some “Yay! It’s Fall” jumping pictures, that were kind of hard to get.

^These 2 have such a special relationship. I never tell them how to pose, but when they do, I can just feel the love between them.

Heber Valley Pumpkin Train

I found half off tickets for the Heber Valley train, so we took advantage of it! The train goes super slow, but to little ones, it was so dreamy. They rode through the town with the window wide open and heads peeping out looking at the open valley. A few times they played fun music and we got to get up and dance!

When we got back to the station, we got to pick out pumpkins and walk through the haunted car. Blake and Evelyn loved that so much we went through twice.

While Brandon watched the BYU game with Eli at the hotel on Friday night, I took Oliver, Evelyn, and  Blake to the pool which we had completely by ourselves. I thought we’d only last a few minutes, but they surprised me and didn’t want to leave.


We were so excited for General Conference on Saturday, We heard there were some big changes coming for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and conference is when they would be announced.

During the first session, our prophet President Russel M. Nelson announced that The Church would take a home-centered, church supported focus going forward. Worship services will only be 2 hours instead of 3, to give families more time to learn and study the gospel in the home.

I am so excited for this!! I love teaching my children and am grateful we’ll have more time to do that on Sundays.

During sessions, I took the older 3 on a walk down Main Street and to The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory to get a caramel apple. They picked out “glacier” suckers as Blake named them.

Cascade Springs

After the afternoon session, we drove to Cascade Springs up the Alpine Loop to get some energy out. We discovered this place last Fall and we were anxious to get back. Last year I was secretly pregnant and this year we had 6 month Eli in tow. So fun to see the difference a year makes. The colors were gorgeous again and I love seeing my children love nature so much. Fall in Utah is so lovely.

We listened to the Women’s Session on the way home (we get so much out of listening to General Conference in the car!). Our prophet issued a challenge to the women to :

  1. Stay off social media for 10 days and notice how we feel
  2. Go to the temple often
  3. Participate in Relief Society fully.

This weekend was refreshing in every possible way. We came home with a renewed dedication to the gospel and desire to follow the Prophet. We’re grateful to have the gospel in our life to help us navigate the trials we have.

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