Witch Hunt

October 29, 2018

Blake had another day off on October 29. I woke up feeling blah and depressed and so anxious. I didn’t want to stay at home, but I didn’t want to leave either. I called my sister Kristin up to see if her and her children would be up for an adventure to Gardner Village for the witch hunt. They were! I’m so grateful for her spontaneity!

Gardner Village is so very festive in the fall. Hanging witch hunts, witch displays, pumpkins, and fall decor everywhere made us feel like we were walking the streets of Salem.

As the kids ran around crunching through fallen leaves, Kristin and I got to have a heart to heart. There’s nothing like sisters! I felt much better after our talk and am grateful she lives closer now so we can make memories like these.

Kristin bought us some caramel apples — a perfect way to end our adventure.

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