11th Annual Sunday Spudnut Social

November 5, 2018

Making spudnuts usually makes us reallly happy, but this year, our October was packed full with family parties, birthdays, and just the fullness of life that we decided we weren’t going to do a spudnut party.

We got through Halloween and after things settled down a bit, we decided to have a party after all, but keep it smaller this year. We invited some close neighbors, friends and family and Brandon’s YM. We cranked out 200 donuts, which kind of makes me laugh that that was a “small amount”. Given that in years past we’ve made nearly 400, 2 batches felt much more manageable and less stressful.

I love this tradition. I can’t help but think of my grandmother Helen Allen every time we make them, since she was the one that started making spudnuts when my mom was a little girl. I imagine us having a big ol’ donut party in heaven when we are all reunited someday.

*For the record, Brandon is the master spudnut chef. He kneads the dough so well, and rolls and cuts them better than I do. So glad to have him on my team.

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