December 15th.

December 15, 2018

Today. Today was just one of those really great days. I felt truly present as a mom which felt so good. We stayed in our jammies until the late morning. I decorated a gingerbread house with my children and let go of perfection. Blake, Evelyn, and Oliver made it exactly how THEY wanted.

I listened to Blake read for a while and walked him to a friend’s birthday party. And then took a run in the sunshine.

While Brandon and O and Eli were napping, I took Evelyn over to Charming Charlie to pick out a necklace for my date. She was in heaven looking at all the sparkly jewelry and helping me find just the right one.

And then tonight Brandon and I got to go to his work party at the Marriott City Center. The hotel was festive and fancy. Since I’ve been in my sweats mostly all week, I loved getting all dressed up with hair curled and lipstick! There was a fun band and we, yes WE even danced to a few of the songs. Eli got to tag along since we weren’t about to leave all 4 with a beehive girl from our ward. He was a champ and such a hit at the party.

Grateful for days like today that fill my bucket.

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