January 17, 2019

Health is my 2019 word of the year.

I always like to choose one word that I focus on each year. I’ve chosen “simplicity” and “connect” in years past, but this year, I felt impressed to focus on my health. This prompting came when I was reading The Book of Mormon during December. My goal was to finish by Christmas, and I read the last words on Christmas night after everyone was tucked in bed.

My goal to focus on health includes: 

  • Spiritual health- even though I’ve finished the Book of Mormon, I plan to keep reading it. I felt so much light and joy and happiness as I feasted on the words and read all 536 pages in just a few months time.
  • Emotional health- I still fight post-partum depression and anxiety now and then, but I really want to get to a healthier mindset so I can be more for my children
  • Physical health- I’ve always been a runner, but exercise has taken the back seat for months. It’s only something I do when everything else is done. My goal is to work out multiple times a week, limit sugar, and eat TONS of veggies. So far, I’ve been getting up for 6 am classes at the rec center a few times a week and my latest love is doing a hill workout on the treadmill while Oliver and Evelyn play in the childcare. $1 per hour is the best investment I can make to my health. They love playing and I get a good workout. And Eli is the cutest cheerleader!

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I was recently called to be the Stake YW Sports Director. This calling (service for all girls in our area from 11-18) will be such a great blessing and opportunity to further my progression to better HEALTH this year as I plan, coordinate, and participate with the youth in fitness activities.

To health!


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