Sunday Evening At The Temple

January 27, 2019

We drove into Santiago from Olmue after church. Checking in to our departmento in Providencia was quite the adventure. The concierge didn’t have any record that we were staying there and my lack of Spanish didn’t help our predicament at all. After about an hour, we finally got the keys and moved in.

That first night being there was so memorable! We walked right across the street to the Temple. Usually temple grounds are closed to the public on Sunday, but this wasn’t. We walked around the beautiful grounds, albeit small. Our children were drawn to the fountain, naturally.

We had a simple Family Home Evening lesson and talked about the importance of temples and why Brandon and I have been trying to go so much lately. Since we were sealed their, our marriage is eternal and we will get to be a family forever. We want to help those who have passed away have those same blessings, so in essences, Brandon and I are getting “married” for those who have died when we go to the Temple. There are other ordinances that we do as well, but we talked about temple marriage since that would be most relate-able to our children.

They were so curious about it and I loved when they kept asking questions to know more.

The children drew pictures at the fountain,

we found some giant flowers that were bigger than Evelyn!

Oliver picked this rose for me. I love his little lips saying, “for you, mom!”

Brandon and Blake practiced their mindfulness. Haha.

While Eli in the stroller made a giant mess with his food pouch!

It was a great way to kick-start our week by the Temple.

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