Providencia Life

January 29, 2019

After the first weekend that we spent in Algorrobo/Valpo/Olmue, we went to our departmento in Providencia. We chose this place because it was right across the street from the temple of our church and Brandon and I wanted to spend as much time in the temple as possible before it closed for cleaning the following week.

The check-in process was interesting because of the language barrier, but like many times on the trip, we figured it out.

Blake and I did a grocery run one morning to Lider. Good thing we had the stroller to bring it all back! Lider (what Walmart is called in Chile) was about a 10 minute walk from our house.


Our apt. was small, but the common areas at Parque Pocuro were amazing. There was a kids room with a giant ball pit and a climbing wall, a private playground and the pools were so big and fun. Cold, but fun.

We didn’t have a pack n play the first week, so Eli slept in this tent in our closet.

That first week in Chile was SO hot– everyone told us it was the hottest it had been all year there. Our apartment didn’t have air conditioning as most don’t, so we swam every day. Our rule was school, then pool.

We ate very simply that first week including lots of watermelon and fruit and popsicles because it was so hot.

If you look really close, you’ll see Brandon up on the balcony on the right waving.

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