Chilean Roof Top Pool

February 5, 2019

February 5, 2019

I took the children to swim in our rooftop pool at San Olav 6477. We had been swimming in the ground pool, but this time we went rode the elevator to the 16th floor and found quite the pool.  The pool was small and cold (remember how no pools are heated in Chile?) but this pool became our favorite. We could swim late into the evening because of the sunshine and the view was awesome.

The only way I managed to take all four swimming solo was because Blake became the best fish on this trip. He could swim without a floaty and Evelyn and Oliver did great with their puddle jumpers. Eli swam a little, but the water was usually too cold for him, so he would hang out on the pool chair on in the stroller.

My goal was to wear the kids out and that happened indeed!

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