Nombre? Ordering Pizza In Espanol

February 8, 2019

After swimming, I felt really brave and walked with my children to Papa John’s about 1/4th mile from our place. When we got there, I began ordering pizza. The really great thing about Papa John’s is everything on the menu was pretty standard. So I felt ultra confident in my espanol abilities to place a simple order.

I had gotten all the way to the final steps without a problem when the cashier asked, “Tu Nombre?” Since I had a Chilean sim card, I didn’t have my Chilean number memorized, so I responded with, “uno momento.” I began skimming through my texts to find my cell phone number.

As I started rattling off my number, “cinco, quatro. siete….”, she responded, “Tu nombre, por favor,” I thought maybe I forgotten my area code, so I started over and said, “nueve, cinco, cinco, quatro, siete.”

Finally, Blake said, “Mom, she wants your name!” Ha!

I love that my 6 year old translated for me and felt humbled that I had forgotten that nombre was name, not number.

We picnicked on the patio with our pizza, which was so delicious! Especially after all the work to get it.

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