Los Dominicos

February 11, 2019

February 11, 2019

I got really adventurous after we conquered Brandon’s first time being gone from us in Chile. So the second week, I looked up some things to do in Las Condes and Los Domincos was at the top of the list. Even better that it was just a few metro stops from us, so I felt like getting there would be doable alone. Have I mentioned how much I loved the Chile metro? Elevators at all the stops! At times it was tricky to find them, but they were always there.

When we got to the Los Dominicos stop, we found a replica of this artisan market just like it looked back in the original days. I took this opportunity to give a little history lesson to my children. We observed the horse-drawn carriages as the way to get around, that people were walking, that markets were selling fruits and vegetables, that chickens and burros (donkeys) were freely wandering the town square, built around the large white cathedral.

Then we took the elevator up to the street level and started our short walk to the market. Just a few seconds later, all the children shouted, “Mom, look!” There’s the white church! They quickly recognized Los Dominicos market, for it looked exactly as it did hundreds of years ago, only now there were no burros for transportation and a small parking lot with cars. Evelyn, Oliver, and Blake started running towards it as if it were Disneyland or something.

Evelyn is always posing for pics.

Once inside, I fell in love with all the charm. Every detail was authentic!

I bought a piece of art from one of the shops, but mostly just enjoyed browsing all the handmade crafts in all the shops.

The kids really loved looking at the birds and birdhouses.

There were so many little alley ways to explore!

This place was so charming that we had Brandon come back with us another time before we left. There was this cute courtyard with authentic Chilean food that we needed to try!

Making Wishes

We found a wishing well and made wishes with peso coins!

I had to laugh when it took Blake forever to make a wish because he just couldn’t decide on one. His little smirk here just kills me.

And one more pose from the little lady. I was there, too. 🙂


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