Santa Lucia

February 21, 2019

February 21, 2019

Santa Lucia is a remnant of a volcano from 15 million years ago! The hill now sits in the middle of Santiago, with bustling streets surrounding it. We bought cups of fresh fruit on the street for 1000 pesos (about 1.50) and then explored this charming area. The cobblestones streets, facades, beautiful flowers and architecture reminded me of Europe.


I love how Eli’s outfit matched the building.


The streets wrap around the hill to the very top, where you can see the huge city of Santiago. But to get to the very top, we had to climb lots and lots of rock stairs. Brandon stayed back with Eli while I explored with Blake, Evelyn and Oliver. I was so proud of them for climbing so many stairs. But even more proud of the for letting stray dogs walk right past them without screaming. They got very brave with dogs this trip. Expensive dog therapy, yes for sure! But it worked.

It melted my heart to see Blake (on his own) give his arm to Evelyn to help her down the steep stairs.


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