Parque de la Infancia

February 23, 2019

Parque de la Infancia was the park of rules. From the minute we walked in, we knew it was going to be an adventure. Well, first, getting there was an adventure.

We took an Uber from the metro station. We forget to request an UberXL, so our family of 6 squeezed into the back of this tiny red car. Brandon thought we were going to die. I was laughing my head off. We made it all in one piece, so it all turned out ok.

The park is all fenced off, which is great for safety since it’s in a sketchy part of the city. But there are rules, rules, rules.  There are also intercoms around the perimeter. We got called out a few times for playing on the teeter-totters (we learned adults aren’t allowed).

It’s famous for this really long jungle gym type structure.

Another thing the park is famous for is the hill of slides. There are hundreds of cement slides on the edge of the park. We climbed up to the very top and went on slide after slide after slide.


Finally, we ended at the splash pad area where I taught my children how to do duck faces with Pringles.


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