Casa de la Mottes

February 25, 2019

It’s fun seeing a place in real life that you’ve seen pictures of or heard of, but I really love when I research and find a place completely on my own and it turns out to be a great adventures. Casa de La Mottes was one of those times. From what I had read, we had very low expectations.  But I wanted something to do with the children while Brandon was at work, so we caught an Uber and spent a few hours there.

It was pretty magical. Of course, not the Disneyland kind of magical. But magical in the fact that we were in this quiet, quaint, green space nearly all to ourselves. (Yes, I’m an introvert and don’t mind when it’s just us somewhere.) There were so many hidden corners of this place to explore. In one corner, a playground. In another, a small shop full of local art and crafts.

The main building had a really awesome Map exhibit of all types of artistic maps. Even the kids liked looking at them.

There were flowers to be smelled, dirt to dig in, stairs to jump down, playgrounds to be played on, and white walls to be photographed. Because I always love a good white building.

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