Chile Tidbits

February 28, 2019

Just some random things about Chile we don’t want to forget:

Hanging on the balcony at our flat.

Hiring a babysitter and escaping for a date at Patio Bellavista.

The other pool. We only used this one a few times because it was usually in the shade and Chileans don’t heat their pools.

Grocery shopping was a lot more effort. Besides packing everything into reusable bags and walking it home in the stroller, we had to weigh and tag all of our fruit with stickers before we got to the register.

The malls were epic here. This was the Costanera Center–levels of high end shops, restaurants, grocery stores, and more. Everyone goes to the mall for everything.

Frugeles– our favorite Chilean candy.

The Costanera Center– the highest building in South America. We could see this building from everywhere in the city. We would use this to building to figure out where we were!

This was our apartment buidling at San Olav 6477. We had to buzz in each time we came and left. This was us waiting for our Uber to get to church.

My sister Sarah’s best friend and her family happened to be in Chile the same time as us. We had them over for Sunday dinner when they arrived.

I went really light before we came to Chile but was not loving the blonde. On a whim (while Brandon was out of town), I took all 4 kids to the salon in the grocery store and got it dyed dark again.

Another roof top pool at our friend’s apartment. That view….doesn’t it look a bit like Utah?

Jumbo– the biggest grocery store you’ve ever seen. If you needed something, you could always find it at Jumbo. They were the only ones that sold fresh, cold milk, All the other stores only sold shelf-stable milk.


We really liked this Hyundai Van we rented for the weekend.

Sweet Eli fell asleep on the way home from church.


The same friends who we had over for Sunday dinner invited our children to come over and play while we went on a date before we left the city. So kind!

And good old Chile– letting you know how bad you are eating with warning stickers they place on their food.

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