My 33 Adventures!

July 1, 2019

It’s been tradition since I turned 30 to do that number of adventures in that year to keep me brave and trying new experiences. Sometimes I did things just to be able to put it on my list because it challenged me to get outside my comfort zone. I’ve become quite the introvert and my anxiety has increased since having babies, so this is my way of pushing myself and also focusing on how wonderful and adventurous life is.

My 33 Adventures: 

  1. Bought my first boxes of cutlery (the giant ones at Costco)
  2. Entered Crumbl cookie photo contest of Eli and won
  3. Did a Studio 5 segment on balloon arch
  4. Hiked King’s Peak with Dad, Justin, Sarah and King cousins Nate and Jameson
  5. Went to the Hall of Breakfast
  6. Pilot Pen brand used my photos for marketing campaigns
  7. Became a mini-van mom!
  8. Became a soccer mom!
  9. Visited the Redwoods with my family-hugged a giant tree
  10. Shiplapped the entry way
  11. Planned our ward’s White Christmas party (and survived)
  12. Became vegetarian
  13. Took our 4 kids to Chile for 6 weeks
  14. Made cheese fondue for the first time for NYE
  15. Went blonde (really blonde, per Brandon’s request)
  16. Swam at San Alfonso Del Mar- the biggest swimming pool in the world
  17. Read the Book of Mormon in under 3 months per President Nelson’s challenge
  18. Attended the temple mostly every other week and always used my own family names that I found
  19. Submitted a book for publication (was denied, but I tried!)
  20. Dyed hair dark in Chile (using Google translate to communicate with hair dresser) and had all 4 children with me
  21. Was a single mom for 3 days 2 times in Chile and survived
  22. Saw penguins in the wild in Chile
  23. Hosted a party with new girl friends in Chile
  24. Learned to make a wood sign
  25. Redid our mudroom
  26. Make tie die shirt at girls’ camp for the first time
  27. Painted house white
  28. Hiked Arches National Park with our kids
  29. Repelled in Grand Tetons
  30. Got 4th of July banners for the front porch (dream since college!)
  31. Lion Safari in Chile
  32. Celebrated 10 years of marriage with a getaway to Logan/Anniversary Inn overnight
  33. Biked Park City paths with my family on my birthday!
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  • Andrea Nelson

    You are so cool! I seriously admire you so much! And there’s a couple of these I’ll have to ask you about!!!

    July 2, 2019 at 11:12 pm Reply
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