Scootering SLC with the Hendricks

July 12, 2019

Meet Cheri and Lance. Cheri is my cousin and while her and my younger sister Hollie were besties growing up, I’ve had the privilege of becoming dear friends with her these past few years. Her and Lance came to our house for NYE when they were dating. Since then, we have bonded over games and treats and popcorn and Crumbl cookies.

Her and Lance came over the night they got engaged to tell us! We were there at their wedding. And it was over games they told us they were having a baby (while we had just found out, too, but kept it a secret a little while longer). Our baby boys Grant and Eli are born just 6 weeks apart and it’s been fun to bond over baby talk now, too.

For one last hurrah with them, we rented scooters and explored Memory Grove in SLC. A stop to Saffron Valley for indian food and then a walk back through City Creek. And then one last time playing Dominion. We’ve been blessed to have them so close.¬†Cheri and Lance are good to the core. They are fun to be around and we are going to miss them dearly! Looks like we will need to plan a trip to NC soon for games!


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