Sunday Family Camp

July 20, 2019

{July 17-20, 2019}

Our Sunday family trip this year was a mix of staycation and camping. We spent a night at the Bountiful Temple and Mandarin for dinner with the adults. The next day we partied hard all day at Cherry Hill and then pizza at our house. And then we spent Friday and Saturday at Heber Valley Camp.

Cherry Hill

Heber Valley Camp

Canoeing at the lake


Halle, Kate, Evelyn and I hiked back to camp after canoeing. We got a little lost and took a few wrong paths, so we were happy to find our trail eventually. I love these cute girls and who they are growing into and our fun girl talk on the hike.


We had family skits later that night. We did our favorite “enlarging machine” skit and soaked everyone.

The boys did the most important paper in the world skit. It was so fun to see how excited to see them get while doing it.

The girls and grandma did a skit, too.

And then these girls did the water skit when they had been hiking in the Sahara desert and finally got water…not to drink, but to do their hair.

This cute boy and his s’more face. Had to capture it.


The next morning we did a ropes course. I was so proud of Evelyn and Blake for doing something really scary!

Brandon wasn’t feeling well all day and by the time we got home that night, him and Eli were both throwing up. We felt bad about passing it on after we heard it went through a few other families, too. Oops!


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