Exterior House Updates!

October 5, 2019

We did a huge exterior update of our house these past few months. It all started when we needed to paint over the egg stains from when someone egged us while we were in Australia. Brandon had the genius idea that if we were going to paint our house, we might as well change the color. I was totally on board! I’ve always dreamed of a white house (even before they were popular), but never thought this house would be it.

Since our roof was damaged in a 2018 hail storm, we alsg got insurance approval to replace our roof. Which was such a blessing since it was needing one soon anyway. So in true Sunday fashion, if you give a mouse  a cookie, you’ll end up with a new house. Haha. We got our roof replaced and then painted the exterior.


And after: 


I was happy to score these plants on clearance at Ikea for $20. I had no idea how expensive topiaries were!

We updated our lights. And would you believe that these garage door hardware is magnetic? It looks like we got a new door! But no, just magnets. Which is perfect since I like to change things around. And those windows…those are magnets too. They’ve held up great so far.


Brandon planted 2 trees in the park strip earlier this Spring. I tore out some bushes that consumed too much time trimming and will add some more boxwoods next spring. Next up….black shutters and reinstall house numbers. And new blinds because now the yellow sun-stained blinds really look yellow against the white. But in all due timing.


Well, that’s it for now! It’s so fun to see the progress we’ve made on our home sweet Sunday home.

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  • Andrea Nelson

    I’m obsessed with your house! It looks AMAZING! Straight out of a magazine!

    October 9, 2019 at 1:24 pm Reply
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