Evelyn’s 6th Birthday

October 8, 2019

Evelyn has been so excited for her birthday this year. She kept saying over and over how much she wanted a Mermaid birthday. And practically every friend she has seen for the last week she would invite them to her birthday party. That’s so Evelyn. She gets excited about the littlest things and wants everyone to be a part of it. I couldn’t bear to break her heart even though a birthday party wasn’t in the plans. So Evelyn and I picked out some craft supplies and cupcake toppers at the store together and texted some of her friends to come for a play date after school was out.

The thing I loved about this party was that the girls sat at the table working on their mermaids for 45 minutes! Then we had mermaid cupcakes, played princess, princess, mermaid and went on a sea shell hunt. So simple but fun!

She picked sticky buns for breakfast, pesto tortellini and Ceasar salad for dinner and a mermaid cake. I’m no cake pro, but I did enjoy the process! The best part was seeing her so excited when she got home from kindergarten.

We love our little miss Evelyn so much. After we went to take birthday treats to her class, I took her and Oliver to the park. We walked around the loop and I told her all about her birthday. How right after she was born, 20 doctors and nurses came rushing in to work on her, without any knowledge to us what was going on. About 5 minutes later, she was breathing again and we knew the names we had picked for her weren’t going to cut it. The name Evelyn popped into my mind and after looking the meaning of it, we strongly that was to be her name. Evelyn means LIFE and she most definitely lives up to that. She finds so much joy in life. She is the life of our family. And we’re so grateful for her life and that we get to be her earthly parents.

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  • Andrea Nelson

    She is the sweetest! And your cake skills are on point! I can’t believe how grown up she’s looking in all these pictures! Happy Birthday E!

    October 9, 2019 at 1:17 pm Reply
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