General Conference Fall 2019

October 9, 2019

General Conference is a semi-annual gathering where we listen to our living Prophet, Russel M. Nelson and other church leaders. We love this weekend full of music and talks that give us direction for our life. Our children have come to love it, too! They aren’t perfect at sitting still, (which even is hard for us to sit for 8 hours), but they do well for their age. They love our bags full of treats for when each Apostle speaks. Blake has even started taking notes, simply.

A few of my favorite quotes from this General Conference:

  • “God is less concerned about perfection and more about your intentions.” – Dieter F. Uchtdorf
  • “Just imagine what would happen if we were as intent on staying connected to heaven as we are on staying connected to wifi.”- Michelle Craig

During the break on Saturday, we drove the Alpine Loop and walked around Cascade Springs. The leaves were still very green compared to other years we’ve gone, but it was refreshing to be in the outdoors!




On Sunday, I prepared a feast as we feasted on the words of God.

There were many changes that happened:

  • Young Mens presidencies dissolved
  • New Young Women’s motto
  • 8 new temples announced
  • Temple recommend interview changes

If you’d love some inspiration, no matter what faith you are a part of, here’s some of the great talks!

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