Sunday’s Spudnut Social 2019

October 12, 2019

{September 23} We had our 12th annual spudnut social early this year…on the first day of Fall to be exact. The weather was lovely which made it possible to open up our backyard to lots of neighbors and friends. We cranked out 320 spudnuts this year, which were all eaten up without a crumb leftover. The tricky part about this tradition is knowing how many to make. Three cheers for Brandon who rolled ALL of them out. He’s a better spudnut maker than I am now.

We love sharing this tradition with other and love when people realize how delicious spudnuts can be. Lots of people were leary when they heard there were potatoes in the dough, but it’s love at first bite.

I always feel close to my grandmother Helen who made spudnuts for my my mom each year. Now we’re 3rd and 4th generation spudnut makers. It will be a joyous reunion when we can all meet again and talk about spudnuts!

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