“You are Glorious” YW in Excellence Night

October 22, 2019

Since I serve with the youth aged girls at church, I was in charge of putting together an awards night for their Personal Progress goals. We chose the theme “Glorious” from one of my favorite songs called “Glorious” that David Archuleta sings.

I had so much fun pulling all these details together. I kept it fairly simple since the weekend before the event we were on our RV trip.

I used some backdrops from Walmart, created a balloon arch, made a red carpet entrance using red butcher paper and Christmas lights and called it good.

I spent an hour at the Dollar store coming up with candy bar awards the correlated with what each girl had been working on. For example, a girl who had been working at the vet got the Kit Kat award. Or the girl who has been learning to do nails go the butterfinger award. Yes, they were definitely cheesy, but it made my night when one girl told me that she had never been to an awards night where she felt so loved and special and couldn’t believe I came up with a unique award for each girl. I credit it to the Holy Ghost as I definitely had inspiration to help me with ideas.

So it was all worth it!

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