Sundays Go to Georgia

December 5, 2019

When we found airline tickets to Atlanta, Georgia for our entire family for $600, we jumped on it! Kristin and her family just moved to Evans this summer, so it was a great excuse to go visit them.

We’ve had the best time. Here’s a recap:

I decided it’s really fun to travel during Christmastime because the airports are all decorated! I’m so grateful for these cute, happy travelers!

Our travel day was long by the time we flew to Atlanta and then drove to Evans. Getting out of Atlanta was crazy! It took us an hour just to get to the rental car. By this time we were hungry, so we pulled off to grab some food.

It was a happy accident finding The Dwarf House, the original Chick-Fil-A. How darling is this mini door and brick building? The food was the same, except Brandon did try the famous Hot Brown.

And then off to Evans, where Kristin and her family were waiting up with a hot dinner, festive home, hugs, and Georgia passports of all the things we could do while there.

Ice Skating & Lights at Lady Antebellum Park

For family home evening, we went to the Evan’s ice rink.  Ice skating with 4 little kids is a lot of work, especially since Eli was overly tired. Brandon and I took turns helping Oliver and Evelyn. Blake was on fire and didn’t need our help at all. A pro hockey player told us we should put him in hockey. Haha. Despite the fact that it wasn’t a relaxing evening, I loved it. The ambiance of the Christmas music playing nonstop and the fact that we weren’t freezing like normal when we skate in Farmington was a plus.

The Most Adorable Covered Bridge

Kristin knows me well and surprised me a visit to this adorable covered bridge. So festive and cute!

Phinizy Swamp

On our last day, we ventured to the Phinizy Swamp to search for alligators. And 2 alligators we did find!

Our flight left really early, so we got a cheap hotel before we flew out to catch some zzzz’s. Such a fun trip!

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